1936 Memorias del silencio

c/ Tres Peces 32
28012 Madrid
0034 914293307
festival director: 
Amparo Gea (Festival Registrar)


2nd august

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amparogea 4/10/2016
International Film Festival 1936, Memory of Silence has been created to promote another look around the world through cinema and colloquiums about Spanish Civil War. This programme answers to the intention of addressing the role of the Spanish Civil War from its cultural, anthropological and social context, focusing on the role of women during the war. Speakers will take part in workshops, colloquiums and debates in order to sensitize and stimulate reflection about events that a whole segment of the society refuses to talk about. Thus, we will prioritise proposals aimed at people with visual or hearing disability. There will be a retrospective, a competition, as well as colloquiums and conferences with specialists. We encourage the participation of Spanish filmmakers as well as the view of filmmakers from countries with a low rate of production or whose films hardly ever arrive in our cinemas and we specially stimulate the presence of young directors’ works.