Beware of Hoboken

Our film was not shown in the theater as promised but in a tiny shipping container-like room with a makeshift screen, 1 PA speaker, and a glaring light that was still on during the screening. Quite a disgraceful platform to showcase films made by talented filmmakers than spend lots of money to create their work & travel to present their film in person. Festival programmers could not be found on the day of screening. The response I received after addressing our concerns to someone at the theater was that the "Hoboken film fest has gotten too large to show at the theater so they had to add the second screening room in order to accommodate all of the films they accept." If they were transparent about this fact it would not have been such a loss of time and money spent to promote and attend a worthless film festival. In case anyone else is confused about the location of the festival - this festival does not take place in Hoboken but 1.5 hrs away in NY state.