by root

One of the big reasons the 8mm camera became so popular after World War II was because so many GIs had seen combat photographers using small windup 16mm Elmo cameras at the front. After the war, the 8mm cameras became the rage, and people were using them to film their families at work and play.

Film Fest Finder (FFF) is offering trophies featuring an 8mm movie camera from my personal collection for the Best Review of 2016, and another for the Best Blog post in 2016. To be eligible, you need to have posted a minimum of 3 reviews to the site. Blog posts submissions should be sent to for review.

Multiple trophies will be given to those filmmakers who either personally leave 12 film festival reviews of various festivals on FFF that they have either attended or to which they’ve submitted their films or can provide a total of 12 links to either their reviews or reviews by other filmmakers who they have encouraged to join and write their reviews. In addition, these winners get a free FFF T-Shirt.

These majestic, mid-century cameras feature sleek design, durability and metal – no cheesy plastic cameras or download certificates for winners at FFF!

Bear in mind that the movie cameras on these trophies are removable for your use, if you can find 8mm film, and you are lucky enough to have won one that actually works – something we are unable to verify!